Motion control is back! Dust off your Xbox add-on and check out these upcoming Kinect experiences that'll have you ready to shred from the comfort of your sofa.

Recently we’ve not heard much about Microsoft Kinect, but in 2010 it set a world record for the fastest selling gaming hardware of all time. Two years later, people have moved onto the next big thing with Nintendo's Wii U - but don't right Kinect off yet there are still plenty of amazing new experiences to look forward to, from a Gangnam Style update to Dance Central 3 (No, really) to Red Bull Crashed Ice, the first ice skating motion control game ever.

NBA Baller Beats

The rhythm game craze - tap out the colours to the beats - has lately gone the way of the dodo, but NBA Baller Beats takes a brand new approach to the genre that not only promises to be fresh, but also teaches you actual basketball skills. While some might not be able to crossover their way past a paper bag, Baller Beats uses the Kinect in an interesting way that combines the movement of Dance Central, with a hint of timing from the likes of Rock Band or Guitar Hero, while also letting you learn some killer moves that would actually prove handy in a game of streetball. Who says games don’t teach you anything?

Gangnam Style comes to Dance Central 3

Surpassing Justin Bieber as the most watched video on YouTube, Gangnam Style fever has swept the world, and is now featured in the latest instalment of Dance Central as DLC, letting you get your horse-trotting moves on in front of your TV whilst you rack up the high score. Fast paced and as crazy as the song itself, Gangnam Style on Dance Central 3 is sure to give you a wild workout.

Red Bull Crashed Ice Kinect

The brand new Kinect title was released on Xbox Live Arcade on Friday to celebrate the new start to the Red Bull Crashed Ice season, and for the first time, lets you get to grips with downhill ice cross from the comfort of your living room. All the thrills and spills of the real life race, without all the injury.

Splinter Cell: Blacklist

The latest instalment of the stealth thriller sees you grab the game with some Kinect enabled voice features that let you tell spy Sam Fisher exactly what to do, letting you take down the bad guys with a few voice commands. Playing as Sam, you can lure over terrorists by shouting at them, and you can also call in air strikes on enemies under cover making your espionage a little easier, but a little louder too.


Crytek, developer of Crysis, revealed this first-person hack-and-slash game way back at E3 2011, but not much has been heard of it since. Playing the role of a Roman warrior, you’re able to fight with a sword by swinging, blocking and headbutting with your arms and legs. If it's better than Star Wars Kinect, then sign us right up.

Nike+ Kinect

Just on sale, Nike+ hits Xbox Kinect, giving Wii Fit and its Wii U successor a run for its money, and providing you personalised Nike training right in your home. Kinect tracks your every move, giving you real time coaching as you go: get a personalised program, benchmark your fitness and progress, and even compete against friends. A bit better than Wii Fit, right?

Garry’s Mod with Kinect

While not strictly an Xbox experience, those brave enough to hook up their Kinect to their Windows PC will find some motion controlled fun within the absurd Half-Life 2 mod, Garry’s Mod, letting you take full-body character control and even take that online for some multiplayer madness. Yes, you and your friend can join in, take control of another ragdoll and dance the virtual night away - or just spend it throwing the kitchen sink around. Brilliant.

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