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Exclusive: Jessie Ware Single

Jessie Ware Alice Peperell for Red Bull Studios

Brixton based vocalist Jessie Ware spent two weeks at the Red Bull Studios London in November 2011 recording her debut album with The Invisible’s Dave Okumu. The studio was filled with hats, novelty pencils and home made brownies care of Jessie’s mum. We have warm fuzzy memories from the two week session and you can read all about it in Miss Ware’s studio diary. You can also be one of the first people to listen exclusively to Jessie’s second album single Running made with Bristol producer Julio Bashmore and Dave Okumu.

Can you tell us a bit more about the single and what it means to you?
Jessie: It’s a part two of a song I wrote with Julio Bashmore. Part one Sweet Talk is quite flirtatious and more upbeat; it’s about a person that puts on the charm and the other person falls for them. Running is about the repercussions of not staying away. It’s about the darker side of falling for somebody and being so entrapped by your feelings for them.

You recorded the majority of the tracks for your album at Red Bull Studios, how are you feeling about the release?
I’m so excited! I feel so proud. Writing songs is quite new to me as I’ve always been a singer or a backing vocalist. It’s really hard to try and portray love in a new way or as something that sounds original and beautiful. I’ve gone through the angst and I’m really proud of all the songs on the album. It feels different because I own them. These are my stories.

On the Red Bull Studios and Channel 4 programme Launched you said you want people to ‘kiss and dance’ to your album, what songs or albums do you like to kiss and dance to?
Aaliyah, One In A Million, D’Angelo, Brown Sugar, Chaka Kahn, I Feel For You and more recently I’ve been dancing and kissing to ToTo [laughs] it’s really over the top music.

Listen to Strangest Feeling

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