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Real Racing is back: The jaw-dropping mobile racer swerves its way onto the App Store at the end of the month and ahead of its release, we’ve got an exclusive interview with development director Kynan Woodman about going free-to-play, real-world locations in the game and what's next for the killer franchise.

Kynan Woodman is the development director for Real Racing 3

What was the decision behind going free-to-play? Are you hopeful this will bring in a whole new audience? Are you worried it will put off your existing audience?

We wanted to create the best Real Racing game ever and we wanted everyone to be able to play it. We have approached the design of the game in a way that includes a broad range of players, casual players who want to play from time to time and hard-core players who want to compete against their friends every day.

Real Racing 3 turned heads at the iPhone launch last year with a whole new concept for multiplayer, where you race each other’s ghost car best times - but you can shunt them out of the way too. Where did the idea for this come from?

We started with the concept of the very best multiplayer experience: playing against all of your friends anywhere anytime. Then we worked to make that possible by turning old ideas on their head and finding new ways to do things that people regarded as impossible. 

Ghost car multiplayer is a key-feature of the game (Image Credit: EA)

With stunning graphics and incredible realism, do you want Real Racing to become the Gran Turismo of mobile? Who are your competitors?

We want Real Racing to be the very best racing available on the platform it is played on. On mobile there are a number of different racing games of different levels of quality. Every time we release a version of Real Racing it is pushing what is possible on mobile to the every edge.

The game features real-world tracks and locations, were there any more that you wanted to include but weren’t able to? Why?

Real-world tracks are an exciting new addition to the Real Racing franchise and we have included a wide variety of track types and locations around the world. As an Australian studio we were really excited to get two Australian tracks in the game, including the very challenging Mt. Panorama. We have not announced anything, but we are looking to include more real world tracks in an update.

Real Racing 3 goes in-car (Image Credit: EA)

The game looks phenomenal - was it tough to make the most of the powerful hardware in Apple’s latest iPhone and iPad?

Real Racing 3 uses our own engine called Mint 3 which has been optimised specifically for our game and was updated to take advantage of the latest hardware. It'll also be ready for new hardware that we anticipate being released in the future.

The game also features a ton of real-world cars, is there any more you would have loved to have included?

We have included a great selection of cars from many different manufacturers. Each car takes about a month to create, but we are looking to add some interesting new cars in updates. 

The game’s been quietly released in a few countries around the world already: what have you found/changed from the feedback you’ve had so far?

We have had a small release in a few countries just to get feedback from players about what they like and what they aren’t happy with before we release to the whole world. We are getting an overwhelming amount of positive feedback, but there are areas of the game that our fans aren’t happy with that we are looking to address.

Real Racing 3 features real world tracks like Suzuka (Image Credit: EA)

Real Racing is seen as the king of mobile racing, but would you ever consider taking the game over to platforms like the PlayStation Vita or even full-on home consoles?

Real Racing 3 will launch on iOS and Android on the same day, February 28th. We are currently concentrating on mobile platforms, but other Firemonkey games have been converted for console and PC. We never say never.

What can we expect next from the Real Racing franchise?

Right now we are focusing on the world wide launch and making sure all our fans have an opportunity to enjoy the game. After launch we will be looking next at what our fans are asking for in reviews and on our forums, because happy players make our game better.

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