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Goth pop singer Charli XCX spent three days in session at Red Bull Studios with colourful accessories designer Fred Butler as part of the Red Bull Catwalk Studio project. Inspired by Fred's Tank Top-Ranking, Tongue-Tied and Twisted collection, Charli created the catwalk track I'll Never Know for Fred’s London Fashion Week show at Somerset House. Charli wowed crowds today with a live performance of the tropical pop joint at the historic Thames side location. We caught up with Charli to ask her about the Catwalk Studio project, Jaime Winston and making videos.

How do you feel about performing at London Fashion Week?
Charli: Fashion week is so important to the industry, especially in London. I think music and fashion are so interlinked and I’m really excited we brought the two together.

Who are some of your style icons?
Charli: Spice Girls, I think the whole platform thing is amazing. I love Wednesday Addams and Winona Ryder in Beetlejuice she has really cool style; a nice mix between goth and pop which is what my music is like as well.

Can you tell us a bit more about goth pop?
Charli: I suppose it is pop music with a twist. My lyrics are very cinematic, quite mysterious and luscious at the same time. To me it’s just beautiful sounding.

You’re currently studying an art degree, when it comes to art how do you like to express yourself?
Charli: I really like videos and I do a lot of performance. I’m in the process of making a music video now. I think I’m a bit of a nightmare to work with because I don’t understand how difficult things are; I’m like ‘can you not just make a over life sized heart with load of electric blood dripping from it? It’s fine isn’t it?’. I have to be involved in that sort of stuff. I hate artists who are just push over pop idiots without control over what they do.

You recently appeared in Launched at Red Bull Studios for C4 where Jaime Winstone said nice things about you, how do you know her?
I met her through the Elfie Hopkins soundtrack. She is wicked, I watched the film and I think her performance is amazing. It has definite potential to be a cult classic.

Charli XCX

Fred Butler

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