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Free Download: The Tea Street Band

The Tea Street Band The Tea Street Band

The Tea Street Band travelled from Liverpool to Red Bull Studios London to record uplifting dreamy synth pop number ‘Disco Lights.’ The bands electronic fusion of 808 and guitar sit somewhere between laid back summary Balearic beats and acid house. The group describe themselves as: ‘A bastard mutilation that combines 808 State with Doves and the gang mentality of The Happy Mondays.’ Their heavenly ‘Fiesta’ EP released earlier this year is a heady mix of drifting chords, reverb and indie-esque vocals that is perfect for downtime at festivals or pool lounging. Keep an eye on these guys as they’re going places.

Download 'Disco Lights' for free below:

The Tea Street Band - Disco Lights by Red Bull Studios London



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The Tea Street Band


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