Bored of owning your mates in Halo? Check in with some of these competitions and tournaments to raise your game and play on the world stage.

Today sees the start of a massive new online tournament for Halo 4 which anyone can enter from the comfort of their own home - and the prizes are beyond insane. You can win anything from signed box sets, to a special edition Halo-themed truck. No, not a toy one: a real one you can drive home.

It’s just one of a new breed of esports tournaments popping up which you can take part in right from your sofa - no need to lug your console or your pricy PC gaming rig halfway across the country to enter. If you're a gamer who's bored of fragging the same mates, week in week out, and you fancy something a little meatier to sink your teeth into, we round up the biggest and best online tournaments where you can show the world how good your trigger finger really is.

Halo 4 Infinity Challenge

The Infinity Challenge is not quite a conventional e-sports tourney, with no strict timings and matches, but it does open the doors for the general masses to get involved with more on the line than bragging rights.

With a range of prizes from Halo-themed Mega Bloks toys, to t-shirts, headsets, custom Halo gear, and even a cameo appearance in a future Halo title on the line, the Infinity Challenge is dubbed as the "most easily accessible Halo tournament ever" as well as the “largest” - it’s hard to dispute that when the top prize is a Halo truck.

Starting today, through to January 10, all you need to do is register for the Infinity Challenge, and compete in either the War Games or Spartan Ops leaderboards during the qualifier stage. All your stats in Halo 4 will be tracked and your score determines your position in the competition. The top players will then be picked after the qualifiers, and the leaderboards will then be reset, as you then fight your way to the top for the grand prize between 12 and 17 January. There are also weekly challenges for those who don't quite have the strict dedication for the whole event, each with some cool prizes.


Multiplay regularly host the UK’s largest LAN (local area network) parties, the Insomnia series of meet-ups that play host to some of the biggest gaming tournaments in the world, attracting players and teams from as far as the US. With qualifying events taking place online prior to each event, the next big iSeries LAN kicks off next spring from 22 to 25 March. Look forward to some top crunch matches in the lead-up with games like StarCraft 2, League of Legends, DOTA 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and even more represented.

MLG GameBattles

Pro gaming organisation MLG (Major League Gaming) throws all sorts of events for its big time tournaments all over the globe, but in-between the organisation also throws online competitions that come with big prizes for the victors.

A small fee to the GameBattles Online Tournament centre gets you entrance to a range of various tournaments and games in whatever genre you excel, whether it’s Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 or even NHL 13, there's bound to be some good competition to reach with a high calibre of play. And with new tournaments popping up online all the time, you’ll never be bored as you gear up and get ready for the bigger events.

Virgin Gaming

Virgin Gaming kicked off back in June 2010 offering prize pool tournaments, and has only got bigger and better from there. Over a million players have registered and over $7m (£4.3m) in prize money has been given away. Signing up for free gets you access to various traditional bracket tournaments as well as 'play and go' tournaments letting you sign up, play, and cash out whenever you want.

Virgin Gaming mainly focuses on sports game like FIFA, NBA and Madden, but it does also have games like Battlefield 3 and racer Dirt 3 on offer too, so whatever you’ve spent hours perfecting, there’s a ladder for you to get on here.


What FraggedNation may lack in size, especially compared to GameBattles, it makes up in community spirit, with a close knit band of gamers who simply love to play competitively and at a high level. With the simple motto of “the leagues are all yours; we just do the paperwork”, FraggedNation puts on a wide variety of ladders and tournaments, all mostly formed by the community itself. You’ll be sure to find a tournament to play in right here - expect the competition to be fierce, and much better than playing with your mates at home.

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