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Introducing: Brey

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Every week for the month of January Red Bull Studios will be shining a light on new artists from independent record labels working in and around the capital as part of the Introducing DJ mix series. Each artist will play a 60 – 90 minute set previewing their sound and will chat exclusively to the Studios about what 2012 has in store. Listen out for mixes by Night Angles, Khun, Dogtanion and Brey.

Kicking off the first series is 21 year old producer Brey who is part of west London label PMR run by brothers Daniel and Ben Parmar. The duo manage and put out tunes with Julio Bashmore, Javeon McCarthy, Jessie Ware, L-Vis 1990 and Two Inch Punch.

Javeon McCarthy - Love Without a Heart (Brey's Oh's & Trix) by Brey

Your tunes and re-edits have a lot of percussive elements. Do you have any formal percussion training?
: I learnt to play the trumpet. The whole percussion thing just came naturally. You get a sense of what works and what doesn’t. My use of percussion came about from listening to Angolan [kuduro] records from my parents. I hated most of those records but as I got older I started to relate to it more, developing an understanding for African production and Middle Eastern and Asian use of percussion. Percussion is not the core of my production but it’s definitely something that creeps in. I’m fascinated by instruments without notations that create a groove or a mood.

Red Bull Studios heard that your crate digging extends to eastern gems by disco producer turned gospal singer Vijay Benedict. What attracted to you to his sound?
Brey: There are a lot of great Indian producers. Vijay Benedict is just the man who stands out as a singer and producer. He is one of the most creative in the world of psychedelic disco funk and soul in India.

From Indian disco to film-noir tell us about some of your other artistic outlets?

Brey: I’m a film fanatic. I like film-noir, French New Wave, classic animated Disney films, illustrations by Roald Dhal and Hanna-Barbera cartoons, graphic novels, 1950s art and the 1920s art movements with artists like Dada.

Joe x Cassie - Kiss Me On The Claptrap (Brey Edited This Shit) [re-up] by Brey

This DJ mix oozes soul, who are some of your key soul influences?
Brey: I grew up on my parents record collection with artists like Aretha Franklin and The Stylistics. When I got older I grew up listening neo soul like Eyrkah Badu, D’Angelo. Madlib and MF Doom gave me greater insight into the whole process of sampling soul.

You christened this mix ‘Die Wunderful’ tell us what’s wonderful in Brey’s world?
Brey:I started this side project called Die Barbie Music Collective. It stayed because I really like the word ‘die’ (as in ‘the’). The whole wunderful thing links back to Alice In Wonderland and the whole fairy tale thing. Also, I’m not a big fan of dance mixes. I fidget quite a lot and it takes me time to do stuff. Trying to mix tracks that shouldn’t go together is how I stay busy..

Track list:
Jai Paul - BTSTU (XL Recordings)
Two Inch Punch - Love You Up (PMR Records)    
Aaliyah - Rock The Boat (Blackground/Virgin Records)
Brey - Never Ending Winter Nights Interlude (Unreleased)
Emiliana Torrini - Jungle Drum (Jai Paul Remix) (Unreleased)
Mono/Poly - Needs Deodorant (Brainfeeder)
Brey - Syed Suede in: Lahore Infancy (Unreleased)
Joe x Cassie - Kiss Me On The Claptrap (Brey Edited This Sh*t) (Unreleased)
Kreayshawn - Gucci Gucci (Brey's The Swagger Is Emosh Ref*ck)  (Unreleased)
Brey - Juno (Svetlana Industries)
Two Inch Punch - Up In Your Mix (PMR Records)
Brey - One Thousand & One Nights (Outro)    
Vijay Benedict - I'm A Disco Dancer (EMI India)
Brey - Bengela  (Svetlana Industries)
Brey - Hannah Montange de la Cocaine (Instrumental) (Unreleased)
Brey - Pony Gang DEMO (Unreleased)
Missy Elliot - 4 My People (Warner Bros)
Die Barbie Musik Kollektiv    Face (Junk) (Unreleased)
Two Inch Punch - Forgive Me For Messing Up (PMR Records)
$port – Rise (Unreleased)
Javeon McCarthy - Love Without A Heart (Brey's Ohs & Trix)     (PMR Records)
tUnE yards - Powa (Sub Pop)
DJ Mehdi - Have Fun (Ed Banger Records)
Brey Monies feat. Vinny Radio (Svetlana Industires)






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