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Introducing launched at Red Bull Studios


What better way to start the new year than with some amazing new music? Well get set for Launched at Red Bull Studios, your introduction to some of the brightest up and coming music stars of 2012.

Starting Today on Channel 4


Starting today, Channel 4 will premiere a new music series: Launched at Red Bull Studios introducing the hottest new artists of 2012 as championed by established DJs, artists and tastemakers. The ten part series will see Plan B recommending Delilah, John Kennedy introducing Beth Jeans Houghton, Ed Sheeran championing Dot Rotten and Jamie Winstone advocating Charlie XCX.  The series will also feature up and coming artists including King Charles, Spector, Jessie Ware, Theme Park and 2:54.


Filmed across 10 episodes, each 11-minute installment will introduce viewers to the artists as famous fans tell us why they are backing them in 2012. The series will showcase the new acts’ talent as each is invited to perform two tracks and talk about their plans for the year.  

Theme Park

“You hear ‘up and coming’ names mentioned all year round, but what’s cool about ‘Launched’ is that these guys have the stamp of approval from people who know the music industry.  It’s been great to get the chance to see these artists at work and understand what all the hype is about. It’s the must-see music series to set you up for the year ahead.”

Dan O’Connell, presenter ‘Launched at Red Bull Studios’

Tune in to Channel 4 this evening at 00:15 for the first episode featuring Delilah, tomorrow evening at 00:15 for  King Charles and keep checking back each Wednedsay and Thursday at those times for more studio action from our favourite new artists.


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