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Mix Monday #13: Nightwave

Nightwave in rehearsal rooms Nightwave by Athena Anastasiou for Red Bull Studios

Nightwave came to Red Bull Studios to work on material with Rustie in September this year. 2012 has been an exceptional year for Maya Medvesek; after graduating from Red Bull Music Academy with an A* she went on to smash it at Sonar, Barcelona, completed a whistle stop tour of America and touched down in Tokyo. With releases on a host of underground labels like: UTTU, Seed and Svetlana Industries and a live performance on Radio 1’s Huw Stephens live lounge with Rustie, we jumped at the chance to get a mix from the Slovenian selector who sets embrace everything from Chicago juke, 80s funk fusion, melodic techno and RnB.

Tell us about the music you were surrounded by growing up?
Nightwave: I grew up in Slovenia in the 80s and moved to the UK in 2002. My dad was a musician and when I was a kid he was in a very popular Yugoslavian band. My dad would listen to Kraftwerk and fusion jazz at home. Quite early on they put me through music school where I learnt music theory and the flute. Then I found clubs and got into techno and house and that was the end of my flute career!

Where do you go to find inspiration?
Nightwave: I love going out to clubs and partying. I love the energy. At home I listen to jazz music and RnB and that’s always really inspiring. You don’t trust a thin chef, I don’t trust a DJ or producer who doesn’t go out and have a good rave. All the people I know who make amazing music love to have a good time.

Can you tell us about your favourite bit of gear in the studio?
Nightwave: I could talk about my favourite hardware for ages! In the studio all I have is my laptop, a keyboard and a sound card, that’s all I use. I’m not a techie person, I can wire up a few things but I like to use plug ins.

Your vocals feature on the re-edit of Rustie’s ‘Surph,’ tell us about some of your vocal influences?
Nightwave: Any old jazz vocalists, I’ve always been obsessed with Billie Holiday, Nina Simone and Ella Fitzgerald. I’m not trying to sounds like them; it’s the energy and the way they tell the story. I really admire vocalists who have so much soul in the voice. Amy Winehouse was an amazing example of this.

I know it's a tough question but can you tell us about three producers you're loving at the moment?
Nightwave: I love Detroit techno and Chicago house. Anyone from Kevin Saunderson to modern producers like Machinedrum and Jimmy Edgar there're so many amazing artists out there at the moment.

Track List
Bags Of Time - Kelpe (Neon Jung Wormhole Remix) (Svetlana Industries)
Ronin - Capracara (Kodiak Remix) (UTTU)
Ginmixer - Bad Autopsy (Ramp)
Work That Motherfucker - Steve Poindexter (Muzique)
Tear Tha Fuckin Club Up - DJ Haus (UTTU)
Future - The Count and Sinden (Canblaster Remix) (Cheap Thrills)Palenque - Nightwave (UTTU)
Down & Up - Obey City (White Label)
This Is Sick - Krueger (Paradisiaca)
I Go Boom - Addison Groove (50 Weapons)
Spring Romance - Shy One (DVA)
Go Hard - Nightwave (Unreleased)
Mercy - Kanye West  (Nicki Minaj Version) (Unreleased)
City Star VIP - Rustie (Unreleased)
Fire Hoes - Nightwave (Unreleased)
Give It Up - Twista & Pharrell  (Nightwave Bootleg) (Unreleased)
Armageddon - Mark Archer (Nightwave Ravemix) (Balkan Vinyl)
Rave Juke - Sinistarr (Loose Squares)
Purple Flowers - Mele (Unreleased)
House Party - Meek Mill (MMG)
Magic Carpet - Nightwave (Unreleased)
Perkk - Rustie (Unreleased)
Invisible Hand - Dawn Day Night ft Emilski (Loose Squares)
Countdown - Beyonce (Harvey Kartels Coloursound Remix) (Unreleased)

Keep it locked for news on Nightwave's next EP

Check out pictures of Nightwave and Rustie in session

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