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This week we welcome Kidsuke to the studios to rehearse for the UK leg of their European tour. The outfit comprises of Kidkanevil and Daisuke who met at the 2010 Red Bull Music Academy in London. Armed with an MPC and fired by a deep passion for hip hop and leftfield electronica, Kidkanevil is one of the UK's most forward thinking underground beat makers. Japanese producer Daisuke Tanabe comes from a breakbeat and techno background and is well known for his unique strain of electronic music that lurks somewhere between ambient textures, experimental jazz and glitch hop.

The European tour will showcase tracks from the debut self-titled LP (listen below) out now on Project Mooncircle. We hooked up with the duo to chat about international beat creation and how they discovered the wildly talented support act Jealousguy.

So we all know you met at RBMA 2010 but how did you take it from the cosy studios in Tower Bridge to putting out an LP?
Daisuke: The first time we worked together you [KidK] asked me to do a remix and then we went on tour in Singapore together. You stayed at mine in Japan and we got talking about collaborations.
Kidk: We had heard eachother's music before RBMA - the suggestion to do something together started there. I had been collecting loads of children’s toys and when Daisuke came to London we spent a day jamming and recording them. That was the basis of the album and the rest was done over email.

These days it seems that the vast majority of collaborations are done remotely, how did you manage the beat creation with Kidkanevil being in the UK and you being in Japan?
Daisuke: Sometimes I find collaborating with other people in different countries quite difficult. I think working with Gerald is quite easy as there is a good balance, we know each other’s music and we know what we want.  

Where do you guys find common ground when it comes to making songs?
Kidk: I think a lot of our musical reference points and ideas are from a similar place. It makes sense, we’re both into the history of progressive beat music, classical music, field recording and soundscapes.
Daisuke: You like Japanese music as well..
Kidk: Yeah, I’m well into Japanese s*it.

Tell us about your live set up?
Kidk: We’re both using Ableton and we have musical parts, drums and sound effects broken down so that can be mixed in; it’s quite random and improvised. Both laptops are synced together so we’re in time.

You’ve got up and coming electronic composer Jealousguy supporting, how did you find her?
Daisuke: The first time I saw her was at a gig in Japan and her live set was completely crazy and I was amazed. It’s really nice to do a tour with her.
Kidk: I’m a bit scared of playing after her. She has a really unique Ableton set up which I’ve not really seen before, it’s the closest I’ve ever seen someone play an instrument live and it’s really crazy. I had a go and I couldn’t do it.

Catch Kidsuke and Jealousguy headlining Tempo Clash at Birthdays, Stoke Newington this Friday 16th November

Listen to a track created by Kidkanevil and cellist Peter Gregson

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