Resident Evil 6, the latest entry in the blockbuster series that made survival horror a genre all of its own, hasn’t had the best of starts.

While Resident Evil 4's considered one of the greatest games of all time, the new game’s been slated by critics and gamers alike, unhappy with the switch from slow burning survival-horror to, well, something just like Gears Of War. It currently boasts a miserable average of just 67 out of 100 on Metacritic, which pulls together ratings from dozens of sites across the web.

Resident Evil’s reputation is now in tatters - so who can fix this? Here are six gaming pioneers who’d be perfect to resurrect the series for the next installment, taking it back to its classic roots or in a new direction altogether.

Cliff Bleszinski

Bleszinski isn’t just perfect for the role - he’s actually asking Capcom for it in public. Cheeky as it is, the Unreal and Gears Of War creator would be a fantastic choice for the series. Resident Evil 5 was clearly inspired and influenced by Gears, with the switch to full-on dudebro shooter in the latest installment - so why not stop trying to imitate? Bleszinski, who left Epic Games just last month, would be a great asset to steer the franchise in the right direction, and could inject some much needed style, substance, and most importantly, life into the series.

Hideo Kojima

The mastermind behind the Metal Gear series, Hideo Kojima would be a strangely fitting director to take the helm of the classic series. In fact, Konami has asked Kojima to take the helm for rival survival-horror series Silent Hill, which much like Resident Evil, has also fallen way short of its former glory in recent years. While the Metal Gear Solid series is known for its baffling stories about two-legged nuclear robots and cardboard boxes, Kojima consistently works brilliant gameplay and amazing spectacles into each game. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said about Resident Evil.

Warren Spector

Most recently known for taking a new spin on Disney’s Mickey Mouse by designing the nightmare-ish Epic Mickey, Spector has been responsible for some of the best thriller games of the past 20 years, including System Shock and Deus Ex, and would surely take the series in such a different direction that it would actually do the series some good. If a man can make a deep, disturbing game about a Disney character on the Nintendo Wii, who knows what he could do with a fright-fest like Resident Evil.

John Carmack

With Doom, John Carmack created the first-person shooter as we know it today - and if that’s the way Capcom is headed, who better to show them the way? Carmack’s a safe pair of hands for a horror game, and if Doom 3 is anything to go by, could actually even make Resident Evil scary again.

Sam Lake

Sam Lake is known as the penman (and face) behind Max Payne, but it’s his more recent work that’s got us wondering. He also wrote the script for Alan Wake - a surreal, Stephen King-like game filled to the drawers with suspense and a raw feeling of helplessness that wouldn’t look amiss in Resident Evil. Imagine being lost among a sea of zombies armed with only a flashlight and pistol, much like Alan Wake - how would you survive if, as often tends to be the case, there aren’t loads of machine guns just lying around?

Peter Molyneux

Molyneux has had an interesting record of over-promising and under-delivering in many of his previous games, but there’s no denying he could come up with some radical changes to Resi’s gameplay. He doesn’t just think outside the box, he lives there. Sure, he might overpromise on some details, but what he would deliver would certainly be interesting - and that’s what Capcom sorely needs right now.

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