Ever wondered what it would be like if your favourite game came to life? These epic takes on the world's best-loved video games have to be seen to be believed...

All the best art inspires imitators, parodies and fan-made spoofs, and games are no different. Just about every blockbuster title gets a fan-made tribute, no matter how unrealistic the universe it's set in.

The latest to get the treatment is hit iPhone title Fruit Ninja. That's right: the touchscreen game that simply sees you swiping fruit lobbed in the air has a live action video - and it's nothing short of epic. Be sure to watch right to the end:

There's a long history of gaming fan parody, though. Here, we take a look at five of the very best from across the web.

Mortal Kombat: Rebirth

Live action tributes aren't just loving takes on fan favourites. They can even be tickets to stardom. In 2010, Kevin Tancharoen uploaded a mysterious eight minute trailer for what appeared to be a stunning new Mortal Kombat movie. It was an overnight sensation; it was also a hoax. But so gripping was the short, so shockingly brutal, Hollywood soon came calling. Tanchareon was commissioned to make a web series based on the short, and a full length movie is in the works for release next year.

Pokémon Apokélypse

Pokémon is an institution: Nintendo has been knocking out versions of the same basic catch-adorable-monsters-and-make-them-fight game for more than 15 years now. Though a cartoon series soon followed, and many, many movies, all had been animated, until Barry Liu and Kial Natale unleashed this spectacular trailer for a fake live action movie, complete with impressive CGI Pikachus and Squirtles. Watch out for Natale playing Ash's companion Brock - he's the spitting image of the cartoon character, even talking with his eyes needlessly closed. Sadly, there aren't any plans for this to hit cinemas anytime soon.

Skyrim 2012

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim was one of the very best games of 2011. With its ridiculous quirks, inexplicable dialogue and bizarre glitches though, the fantasy game was also one of the easiest to mock. Videos of people attempting to pull off "dragon shouts" in real life went viral; a line of the baffling script ("I used to be an adventurer like you, but then I took an arrow to the knee.") became an internet meme in its own right.

This web series, directed by twin brothers John and Justin Grosjean, imagines what utterly mundane everyday activities would be like if the world behaved like that of Skyrim: could you put up with that much loading time?

Portal: Terminal Velocity

Portal has inspired all sorts of real world imitations, from fake dimension-ripping Portal guns to companion cubes made of cake. Jason Craft's take on what havoc you could wreak with a working portal gun in the real world though is almost as impressive as completing the entire game in an eight minute speed run. It's all done with some very clever 3D work: even the gun itself is just CGI, Craft was simply wielding an empty coffee cup during filming.

The Glitch

CorridorDigital's YouTube channel is packed with brilliant, loving video game spoofs, but its newest one might just be the best so far. Here, a cast of gaming icons from Mario to Master Chief face off against their worst enemy yet: the dreaded, game-breaking glitch.

And two bonus animated tributes...

Gran Turismo 5 Rebirth

In the years up to its release, ultra realistic driving sim Gran Turismo 5 became a byword for vapourware, a hyped up game that would never go on sale. It eventually did - but this stunning trailer mashed together by fan David Hunter helped keep gamers content to wait. In case you're wondering, yes, that speech is from the BBC F1 intro. It works though, doesn't it?

The Elder Scrolls Adventures With The Dovahkids

Skyrim gets re-imagined as a Saturday morning kids' cartoon show. Who knew dragons could be so adorable?

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