F1 Internship Details

The Internship Roles

Each of the five interns will take up a role at Red Bull Racing HQ in Milton Keynes for one month over the summer in July/August.
They’ll experience what it is like to work at a World Championship winning team in one of five departments; Marketing, Aerodynamics, Electronics, Procurement or IT. This is an experience that is open to anyone who wants to take the next step in their career. Find out more about the roles below.


The Procurement department at Red Bull Racing is responsible for sourcing everything the team needs in order to race that isn’t made in house.  They need to find the right items to exact specifications and be able to get hold of them quickly and at the right price.  To work here you’ll need an eye for detail, be thorough and organised and also show some tenacity in order to get what the team needs to be able to race and win. WATCH VIDEODOWNLOAD JOB DESCRIPTION


The Marketing department at Red Bull Racing is responsible for managing everything from press and sponsors to hospitality, events and branding. To take up a role in this team you’ll need to be creative, good at thinking up ideas, organised and be able to work with lots of different people. WATCH VIDEODOWNLOAD JOB DESCRIPTION


The Aerodynamics department at Red Bull Racing is responsible for studying the movement of the car and how it interacts with the air around it in order to make it go faster whilst keeping it on the track. They’re looking for someone who’s hard working, good with numbers, analytical and good at solving problems. WATCH VIDEODOWNLOAD JOB DESCRIPTION


The IT department at Red Bull Racing is responsible for developing the applications to design, make and race the cars as well as providing the underlying computer applications to support these.  Almost every department needs the support of IT so you’ll need good communication skills as well as good technical skills and the ability to work in a team to help fulfil the responsibilities of this crucial department. WATCH VIDEODOWNLOAD JOB DESCRIPTION


The Electronics department at Red Bull Racing is responsible for the design, build, installation and support of the on car electronics system.  This system helps to control and monitor the performance of the car and feeds back data that can be analysed by the race team to improve performance.  The department designs, builds and installs the circuitry to be used on the car so you’ll need some understanding of electronics, you’ll need to be a logical thinker and you’ll need to be able to work as part of a team. WATCH VIDEODOWNLOAD JOB DESCRIPTION

F1 Internship Details