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Kitesurfing’s all about sun-kissed beaches in tropical locations, right? Not if you’re a kid from the UK it isn’t. Which is why Aaron’s almost complete domination of the sport is so amazing. Hadlow’s first kiting encounter was at the age of 10, spurred on by his father’s participation in the fledgling sport. Despite the unlikely training ground of England’s south coast, Aaron quickly mastered the skills he needed to compete at the highest level. Honing those skills with winters spent in South Africa, he’s since taken an astonishing five world titles and continues to set the bar for his competitors with a repertoire of tricks that defines the word ‘encyclopedic’.

Check out one of Aaron’s latest moves, the MegaLoop Nose Grab KGB, nailed in Cape Town earlier this year: http://www.aaronhadlow.com/2009/02/14/latest-move/