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Horacio Llorens Fernandez was born in Spain on October 1, 1982. He competed in his first FAI-sanctioned paragliding event in 2004.

Horacio is a multiple Spanish and world acro champion, He also holds the world record for infinity tumbling, with 281 revolutions, completed on December 5, 2009 in Nepal. The record in the Himalayas was achieved by D-bagging from a helicopter at over 5km altitude, with forces of up to 6G exerted as he rotated, and broke the previous mark of 210 revolutions set in Germany in June 2009 by Chrigel Maurer.

Watch the record from YouTube on the left-hand side of this profile.

Horacio is the star of the film Infinity Himalaya with fellow acropilots Veso Ovcharov, Scott Mason and Celine Barman – the film was previewed in August 2010 from a Red Bull projector truck at the acro event in Vilach, Austria, where Horacio also won the solo and synchro events.

His other interests include snowboarding and soccer.