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According to Travis himself, "With me, what you see is what you get." What you see and get is a genuinely great guy who is also -- let's just say it: freakishly talented on both two and four wheels.

Pastrana's accomplishments are already legend: world freestyle champion at age 14, five-time U.S. amateur motocross champion, two-time Canadian amateur motocross champion, youngest rider ever to represent the United States at the Motocross des Nations in France, 125cc pro national outdoor champion, 125cc East Supercross Series champion, and most successful competitor in the history of X Games freestyle motocross.

He's pretty amazing on four wheels, too, as he's demonstrated with his four consecutive championships in the Rally America Series. But despite Pastrana's success and the considerable adulation that accompanies it, the lanky superstar has maintained a reputation as being just like the guy next door, maybe nicer.

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