Red Bull Flugtag 2011

Red Bull Flugtag 2011

Toy Story heroes To Infinity and the Pond took first place at Red Bull Flugtag in Roundhay Park, Leeds, on Sunday 17th July. 15,000 people defied the rain to watch 34 teams of avid aviators launch their home made flying machines into the lake to see how far they can fly.

A few flew, a few fell, but they all entertained!

The top 3 teams were:

1. To Infinity and the Pond

2. Come on Kes

3. My Whippy and His Team of Toppings

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Mr Whippy and his team of Toppings
Cheese and Crackers - 1.02
Orville 2.07
Leeds Griffin 3.19
Up the Level 4.27
The Ultimate Flying Burger 5.44
The Flying Flock and Wooly Jumpers 6.47
Coffin Dodg-um 7.48

Doc Browns Delorian
Kanabal Kapers 1.12
Where Weasals Dare 2.43
Water Drop 3.51
Air to the Throne 4.31
James and the Giant Yorkshire Pudding 6.08
Pro Duck Flight Team 7.11
Super Monkey Flying Banana 8.22

Paradise Glider Lost
The Asylum Bobosaur of Justice 1.03
Roller Dolls 2.01
Mowglis Jungle Glider 2.42
Air Row Plane 4.04
Big Blue Moose 5.33
Fallen Angel 6.58
A Right Royal Wedding 8.20

Chitty Chitty Bling Bling
Flying Hammer 0.55
The Reform Red Baron 2.07
To Infinity and the Pond 3.02
Stairway to Heaven 4.41
The Emprisoned Dragon 6.25
Eco 7.15
Yorkshire Spitfire 8.36
Steven Seagull 9.33
Come on Kes! 10.39